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Luxury travel with a casual elegance has been our calling at Myths and Mountains for more than 20 years. After all, you’re on vacation, on a journey, on a path of discovery and enlightenment, getting away from it all, seeing the beauty in everything, and breathing the rarified air that makes wherever you travel uniquely yours.

You’ll enjoy boutique hotels and exquisite meals, but traveling with us you’ll also be enveloped by the people and societies that teach us about ourselves as we open new doors and walk into situations we could hardly imagine. You’re sharing yourself with the world and soaking in what the world offers in return.

As we travel the world, we are keenly aware of our impact on the places we visit. We have a social responsibility to make certain our carbon footprint is nowhere to be seen. But our social responsibility reaches far beyond the obvious. Myths offers travel with a purpose through our READ trips in Bhutan, India and Nepal. READ Global, an independent 501c3 nonprofit founded by Myths owner Dr. Antonia Neubauer in 1991, brings together education, enterprise and community development to create lasting social change in rural South Asia. READ partners with rural villages to build Community Library and Resource Centers (READ Centers) that offer knowledge, information and opportunities to individuals that lack access to the most basic educational resources. In the past two decades, READ has established 57 READ Centers and launched more than 90 for-profit community-owned enterprises in rural Bhutan, India and Nepal. Myths is proud to support an organization dedicated improving the lives of millions of rural villagers. And READ does it one person, one village, one country at a time.

Myths and Mountains is the epitome of casual elegance and casual sophistication. Comfortable, convivial, relaxed, and we look forward to greeting you as one of our privileged travelers. Enjoy the journey.

10 Reasons to Travel with Us

1. We share our passion with our travelers.

2. We know each destination inside and out.

3. We believe in connecting you with the people and cultures you visit.

4. We ARE travel philanthropy. (www.READGlobal.org)

5. Our travelers come back to us again and again and send us their friends and families because they love us.

6. Our guides are known local experts in their fields.

7. We will customize a trip just for you, not just pull a standard design off a shelf.

8. National Geographic Adventure, Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast magazines think we deserve awards.

9. We guarantee departures and do not cancel trips.

10. We are bonded and insured, and stand behind our trips.

Adventure. Experience. Transform. Let the culture embrace you.

Myths and Mountains is THE adventure travel company for the discerning and inquisitive globe-trotter seeking a hand-crafted, life-changing experience. With more than 25 years of expertise in designing award-winning trips focusing on cultures and crafts, religion and pilgrimage sites, environment and natural history and natural healing and traditional medicine, we promise adventures beyond the guidebooks, excellence beyond expectations, and guaranteed departures.

Want a custom-designed trip just for you and your friends? It's our specialty! Welcome to a remarkable experience - Myths and Mountains style!