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Life and Death in Nepal: A Sherpa Funeral

November 18th, 2016 by
Travel to Nepal
A bit of life…and death…a Sherpa funeral…three days of a happening! We arrive to be fed tea or local brews – chang or rakshi – in a tented waiting area. Lakpa, our host, is sitting, talking, and laughing with us. To my surprise, he tells me it is his father who died–so typical in this country where life and death are one. A German lady arrives with her Sherpa escort. The lady is building a Sherpa Cultural Center in a monastery above the village. She appears to know it all, yet she has brought her camera equipment. I couldn’t. I am not here to stare but to learn and pay my respects. After tea and chang, we go inside the house. I sit a bit with Alice, a client and new friend, listening to the chanting of orange-clad monks, smelling the incense, and feeling the vibrations of their voices in my stomach, the familiarity of the sound. How can this now be so familiar, this strange Sherpa world? I remember laughing rudely in my first concert of chanting Gyuto monks in America. Now the chants here in the mountains are comfortable, peaceful. Rituals and Rites Lakpa explains what is happening […]

Imagining Everest: The Adventure Trip of a Lifetime

February 17th, 2014 by
traveling to everest
“We had seen a whole mountain range, little by little, the lesser to the greater until, incredibly higher in the sky than imagination had ventured to dream, the top of Everest itself appeared.” — George Mallory Psychologists say that one of the things that separate us from apes in the jungle is our uniquely human ability to imagine being somewhere else. Wherever that “somewhere else” is in your mind’s eye, you probably regularly feed your imagination on traveler’s tales, movies, and photos. From time to time you may even eat the food of the land you long to visit–for Nepal, think momos and dal ghat. Now, though, you can boost the quality of your imagination with the fantasy-inducing equivalent of jet fuel–a computerized zoom in, zoom out, pan-able landscape panorama of Sagarmatha “Head of the Sky.” To get a sense of Everest-size scale, click here and look closely at the panorama by famed photographer and mountaineer David Breashears. Zoom in beneath the second green box from the left until the prayer flags come into view. To almost feel how big those mountains are, slowly zoom-out until the blue and yellow tents and huts of the trekkers and climbers at basecamp […]