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Arts and the Amazon: A Creative Adventure in Peru

March 9th, 2017 by
Peru travels weaving
When traveling to Peru, there are several ways to experience the Amazon, and whether you travel by boat or stay in a jungle lodge, all are wonderful adventures. But if you want to enjoy a trip that also unlocks your creative potential, we suggest letting Mark Wangberg and Connie Grauds of the Living Amazon Peru Project lead you in a hands-on art journey of interaction with local people and natural materials of the Amazon. The Jungle Spirit Fine artist and art teacher Mark Wangberg and Connie Grauds believe eco-immersion in the jungle will free the artist within you, even if a traveler has never before lifted a paintbrush or tried weaving a basket. “How could all this wonderful nature energy not ramp up the desire to create your own art?” Mark says. The Amazon pulsates with birds, butterflies, monkeys, and innumerable species of trees and plants. All are blended together in a cacophony of high energy and diversity that Connie calls “jungle spirit.” “The Amazon is the greatest expression of life on Earth,” says Connie, a pharmacist by training and an author, healer, spiritual mentor, and Peruvian trip leader by avocation. Connie has been traveling in the Amazon basin for 23 […]

Peru With Kids

July 11th, 2016 by
Traveling to Machu Picchu with Kids
Give Your Kids the Trip of a Lifetime: Go to Machu Picchu and Beyond in Peru with Kids What could captivate a child’s imagination more than exploring ancient, mountaintop ruins and mazes with names like Temple of the Moon, The Palace of the Princess, and the Temple of the Condor?  No, we’re not talking a Raiders of the Lost Ark theme park, we’re talking Machu Picchu – a destination for traveling Peru with kids. Being able to ramble the rocky maze of its 200 buildings, sacred rocks and carvings, terraces and underground dungeons lets kids channel their inner Indiana Jones’s and discover real-life relics, niches, and tombs of a vanished Inca civilization. We’ve planned itineraries for families traveling to Nepal, the Galapagos, and Myanmar.  All give children memorable and unique cultural experiences, but one of our most popular destinations is traveling to Peru with kids age 7 and older. Peru with Kids 10 Lessons Learned Taking Children to Machu Picchu and Beyond We call this experience “Machu Picchu and Beyond,” because it goes beyond touring the 600-year-old Inca ruins to meeting the contemporary people of Peru’s small rural villages, markets, and towns. It’s an adventurous mix of wonder, mystery, and real-life experiences with […]