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8 Questions for Travelers to the Amazon

November 4th, 2016 by
Peru Amazon Child with Baby Sloth, Photo: Brian Shepard
There’s no BEST way to tour the Amazon, the second largest river in the world, but there is a best way for YOU. The first — and most important — decision you’ll make when planning your Amazon adventure is whether to stay in an eco-friendly jungle lodge or take a cruise on the river. Each option has advantages, so think about your own preferences and expectations. These questions are ones that we ask our clients when planning their visits to the largest tropical rainforest on the planet. 1. Does your Amazon fantasy include waking up to the sounds of exotic birds?   The lodges we suggest are deep in the rainforest in a national park or reserve. The rooms have screened windows that can be opened to allow you to hear all the sounds of the jungle–the rustling trees, the chirping of insects, and the musical birdsongs. A lodge gives you a truly authentic experience of the jungle, especially at night when you go to sleep to the sounds of nature. 2. Is your vacation schedule flexible? Cruises have specific departure dates and times for their three-and-our-night or longer trips, so your schedule must mesh with the boat’s timetable. Keep in […]

Peru With Kids

July 11th, 2016 by
Traveling to Machu Picchu with Kids
Give Your Kids the Trip of a Lifetime: Go to Machu Picchu and Beyond in Peru with Kids What could captivate a child’s imagination more than exploring ancient, mountaintop ruins and mazes with names like Temple of the Moon, The Palace of the Princess, and the Temple of the Condor?  No, we’re not talking a Raiders of the Lost Ark theme park, we’re talking Machu Picchu – a destination for traveling Peru with kids. Being able to ramble the rocky maze of its 200 buildings, sacred rocks and carvings, terraces and underground dungeons lets kids channel their inner Indiana Jones’s and discover real-life relics, niches, and tombs of a vanished Inca civilization. We’ve planned itineraries for families traveling to Nepal, the Galapagos, and Myanmar.  All give children memorable and unique cultural experiences, but one of our most popular destinations is traveling to Peru with kids age 7 and older. Peru with Kids 10 Lessons Learned Taking Children to Machu Picchu and Beyond We call this experience “Machu Picchu and Beyond,” because it goes beyond touring the 600-year-old Inca ruins to meeting the contemporary people of Peru’s small rural villages, markets, and towns. It’s an adventurous mix of wonder, mystery, and real-life experiences with […]

Best South American Markets

January 14th, 2016 by
Ecuador Travel: Cuenca Flower Market
The best South American markets are not just for shopping. That’s not to say you’ll return to your hotel room empty-handed. We’ve seen die-hard non-shoppers lose it over a hand-woven blanket or an intricately carved tin frame. But along with the treasures you buy at a Latin American market, you will have a memorable travel experience you can’t get from a museum or a heritage site. We think meandering through a city market or a village as another kind of adventure tour. It allows travelers to experience myriad aspects of a culture in a single place in just one morning or afternoon. It may be a food you’ve never tasted (Grilled guinea pig, anyone?), a fruit you’ve never seen before like a spikey dragon fruit, or a sit-down with an artisan who works entirely with local materials. Markets are a venue for performers, too, so you’ll be surrounded by the sounds of the country. The crafts people, farmers, musicians, and cooks are there because you are, so make the most of your visit and engage with them. Trust us, you’ll be richly rewarded. Here are our favorite markets in South America. The Best South American Markets Traveling to Ecuador? Don’t […]