Enjoy the Sister’s Meal Festival (Valentine’s Day for the Miao) in April amid a kaleidoscope of colorful local ethnic groups. Wonder at the incredible artistry and detail of the textiles of the different Miao and Dong and other hill tribe villages in Guizhou, China’s least traveled province. From batik to embroidery to jewelry, from festivals to daily life, this trip is an ethnologist, textile collector or designer’s dream. Sit down with the villagers, learn their sewing and batik techniques, play with the children, enjoy the ceremonies, and try out their delicious food. Your journey begins in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province. From Guiyang, you will travel to a series of Miao and Dong villagers, many rarely visited by westerners. You end your trip to Guizhou with a bath in the hot springs of Longshen and a drive to Guilin in Guanxi. From there you return home. Not only is this a journey of people and wonderful villages, but you can shop and shop and shop!

Note that we can easily arrange an optional post-trip extension to Beijing, Xian, and other locations in China

Dates and Land Cost

Starting at $5195.00 per person (based on 4-6 people)

Dates: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - Monday, May 11, 2015 (Sister's Meal Festival) and Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - Monday, November 16, 2015 (Lusheng Festival)

Please note: Custom dates and prices available

Trip Concepts

  • Cultures and Crafts

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Itinerary At A Glance

Day 1 Fly Beijing to Guiyang. Optional touring depending on arrival time.
Day 2 Visit Qingyan Ancient town and local family.
Day 3 Drive to Kaili. PM visit Shiqing Miao Village.
Day 4 Kaili/Shibing - Visit matang Geija Village and Wangxiang Miao Village.
Day 5 Sister’s Meal Festival/Lusheng Festival.
Day 6 Visit Langde Miao Village. Talk and meeting with Mrs. Yang at Museum.
Day 7 Kaili/Libo – 5 hour drive. Visit villages in the Libo Area.
Day 8 World Heritage Xiaoqikong Section. Yao Village.
Day 9 5 hours drive via Sandu to Zhaoxing. Visit Dong Village.
Day 10 Drive to Sanjiang and explore Chengyangqiao Roofed Bridge and Ma’an Dong Village.
Day 11 Drive Longfeng and see the Longji Terraced Fields.
Day 12 Explore Longfeng and the area. Drive to Hot Springs Hotel and relax.
Day 13 Drive Guilin in time for your flight to Beijing on CN 7216 (1240/1520).

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