As you watch, drumbeats reverberate in the air, men are piercing their cheeks or backs, ritual dances are being performed by men in strange dress. Here, in far off Amdo, you are witness not just to one town's shamanic festival, but those of three different villages - Mayba, Skkyi, and Lhanggya.

Yet there is more on this trip - the biggest stupa in Amdo; huge monasteries with wonderful artwork, carving, sculpture and applique; prayers and salt tea with the monks; not to mention breathtaking scenery. This is truly a trip to another world.

Dates and Land Cost

Starting at $6850.00 per person (based on 4-6 people)

Dates: Sunday, July 26, 2015 - Saturday, August 8, 2015

Please note: Custom dates and prices available

Trip Concepts

  • Cultures and Crafts
  • Natural Healing and Traditional Medicine

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Itinerary At A Glance

Day 1 Arrive Xining; Drive to Kumbum; Visit the Kumbum Monastery.
Day 2 Drive Shachong Monastery and tour. Continue to Khamra National Park and visit nunnery. Continue to Trika.
Day 3 Drive Kokonor. Visit Gompa Soma Monastery. Continue to Chabcha.
Day 4 Drive Tredzong Monastery. Continue to Tongde (Kwasumdo).
Day 5 Drive Serthang grassland. Visit nomads. Continue to Sok via Tsetok visiting monasteries.
Day 6 Visit Lhamo Lhatso Holy Springs. Continue to Kesum Grasslands for nomads and flowers. Continue to Rebkong.
Day 7 Visit Upper Shangge Shong and Lower Shangge Shong painting school. Visit artists in their homes.
Day 8 Attend the Shamans' Festival.
Day 9 Attend the Shamans' Festival.
Day 10 Visit Gomar Monastery and Stupa.
Day 11 Travel to Labrang. Stop at Gartse Gompa Monastery.
Day 12 Tour Labrang including the Tashi Kyil Monastery.
Day 13 Drive to Lanzhou. Visit Ganshu Museum.
Day 14 Transfer to the airport.

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