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Vast and alive, China is a kaleidoscope of landscapes, people, religions and culture. An exhilarating blend of modern innovation and thousands of years of history and tradition, China is a place unlike any other you’ll visit. From the Great Wall to the Silk Road, from the Yangtze to Yunnan, China’s borders encompass soaring mountains, majestic rivers, lush forests and golden deserts. Equally impressive is China’s people – creative, accomplished and incredibly diverse, representing more than 50 different ethnic groups. Traveling from teeming global cities to tiny villages where time seems to stand still, you will be awed by China’s grandeur and touched by its intimacy and spirit.

  • Travel historic trade routes such as the Silk Road, or cross from China to Myanmar or Vietnam
  • Experience traditional Chinese attractions like the Great Wall, but in unique ways
  • Celebrate amongst the locals at festivals like the Sister's Meal Festival in Guizhou
  • Explore regional culture by engaging directly with China's people

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