Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, Tibet, Sri Lanka – countries that radiate mystery and adventure. From remote, sparsely inhabited alpine valleys and the planet’s highest peaks to tropical islands and some of the world’s largest cities, Asia fascinates with its tremendous diversity and contrasts. Trek through stunning landscapes to remote temples and monasteries, witness the exuberance and color of local religious festivals, explore vibrant artistic and culinary traditions, and, above all, meet the people, Whether you want to explore thousands of years of history and tradition or understand the region’s ever-changing present, Asia has more than enough to keep you busy for several lifetimes.

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Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia Destinations


World Heritage temples, stunning beaches, floating markets, tumbling waterfalls, dense rainforest, diverse ethnic groups and matchless arts and crafts – southeast Asia has all of this and so much more. From graceful Hanoi to a Bangkok that never sleeps, ancient Angkor Wat to emerging Myanmar, the majestic Mekong River to the innumerable islands of Indonesia, this diverse region is dynamic, exciting and welcoming. No matter what your interests, the mixed bag of cultures will entice and embrace you, capturing your imagination. The hardest part is deciding where to begin.

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South America

South America Destinations

A region of tremendous diversity, South America is home to some of the world’s most outstanding natural attractions, from the roaring cascades of Iguazú Falls and the glacial majesty of Patagonia, to the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest and the fascinating living laboratory of the Galapagos Islands. Alongside all this natural splendor, the continent also boasts vibrant cities, charming colonial towns, outstanding museums, thriving indigenous cultures, wonderful food and wine and warm, welcoming people. Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventure, wildlife, history and archaeology, arts and crafts or just a general exploration of landscapes and cultures, South America is guaranteed to captivate you.

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