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A narrow country stretching 3,000 miles from north to south, Chile is a land of contrasts. From the golden sands and lunar landscapes of the Atacama (the world’s driest desert), to the lakes, fjords, waterfalls, and glaciers of Patagonia, Chile is simply made for outdoor escapades. Yet it’s also one of South America’s most cosmopolitan countries, known for its culturally vibrant capital city, Santiago, its rich literary and artistic heritage, and its world-class wine-producing valleys. Then there’s Easter Island, whose enigmatic stone figures, known as moai, never cease to fascinate travelers. Wherever you go in Chile, you’re sure to be enchanted by the country’s diversity and splendor, as well as by its friendly, vivacious people.


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This is not just a slogan - it's the way we do business.

Since its inception in 1988, Myths and Mountains has been a pioneer in the field of customized and solo travel. We know that there's no such thing as "one itinerary fits all," and we're committed to matching your particular trip to your dreams. If none of our existing itineraries are perfect, we're thrilled to create a personalized trip just for you, your friends, and your family.

Our custom trips are not just standard "packages" adjusted to fit your travel dates - they're individually tailored itineraries, as unique as you are. We'll ask you lots of questions designed to help us understand your travel style, budget, interests, and wishes, and then we'll channel all our global connections, in-depth destination knowledge, and decades of travel planning experience into creating an extraordinary adventure filled with unforgettable experiences.

Here's how we will collaborate with you:

1. E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know your thoughts.

2. Talk with us about where you want to go, your timeframe, travel companions, budget, special interests and travel style.

3. We will send a brief sketch and approximate land cost for you to review and suggest changes you would like to see.

4. Based on your feedback, we will rework your itinerary according to your guidelines. Should you wish to talk with previous travelers who have asked us for customized itineraries, we are happy to give you references.

5. Review the new program. If it works, we will ask for a deposit: 25% of the cost usually, 50% if you are 120 days out. At that point, we will confirm all of the reservations and guides, send you a full packet of preliminary information and prepare your formal, personalized, detailed daily itinerary.

After all, it?s your unique vacation. Invite your family. Bring your friends. Dream big. Then call us and let us make your dream a reality.


"The trip was amazing and magical! The treks on Easter Island were hard at first but got easier as I got stronger. Every one and every site was beyond imaginable. Loved the city tour in Buenos Aires and we got to see every important district and to spend time at the extraordinary markets. I would travel again with Myths and Mountains in a heartbeat and will recommend them to traveling friends." -- Jill

"There are some trips for which you have very high expectations, and then you’re disappointed. This trip not only met my expectations, it far succeeded them. I enjoyed visiting Pablo Neruda’s home and seeing the countryside. Chile is blessed with excellent seafood, which was expertly prepared everywhere. Bariloche was almost like a fantasy town! The Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego trip was fantastic with extraordinary weather and wonderful lodging at estancias. Truly a Journey Of A Lifetime!” -- Nancy

"We will go anywhere with Myths and Mountains! This trip was perfect in every way. The Explora Lodges are luxurious and a splurge, but worth every penny. We were pampered. And the scenery – breathtaking!" -- George

"It was out of this world! We've gone on several trips with Myths, but this was a favorite." – Bill and Anne

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Allie's fascination with wildlife conservation, photography, and indigenous cultures has taken her on countless adventures spanning all seven continents and nearly 70 countries. She\'s trekked by camel across India\'s Thar Desert, camped under the stars to hyenas howling in Botswana, and plunged into the frigid waters of Deception Bay in Antarctica. In Madagascar, she tracked lemurs in the wild, drank potent rice wine with headhunters in Borneo, and swam with white-tipped sharks in the Galapagos. Allie is the former executive director of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Direct Line: (775) 832-1060

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