Our Team

Dr. Antonia Neubauer

Traveler, humanitarian and teacher, Toni is the guiding spirit behind Myths and Mountains, and founder of READ Global, a nonprofit global organization dedicated to inspiring rural prosperity by building rural library community centers and seeding sustaining businesses as catalysts for development. READ Nepal was selected as the recipient of the 2006 Access to Learning Award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Toni also received the IIPT’s Ambassador for Peace Award, Walk the Talk Global Citizen Award, the Friends of Nepal Award, and the Northern Nevada International Center’s International Visionary Award. She was recognized as a travel expert in Wendy Perrin’s WOW list, for her time in Nepal and Bhutan, and is the Conde Nast Nepal Top Travel Specialist. Myths and Mountains has also been the recipient of Travel + Leisure’s Global Vision Award, as well as The London Observer’s Ethical Award.

For more than a quarter of a century, Toni has traveled within Asia and Southeast Asia, getting to know the people and their way of life. These intimate experiences are the heart and soul of every Myths and Mountains trip, and this is what makes each journey so unique. Toni speaks six languages, holds a Doctorate in Educational Administration, as well as a Masters in French Literature. She has visited 60 countries around the world, and has spoken for diverse organizations such as Sister Cities, Yale University, The Center for the Study of the Vietnam Conflict and The Adventure Travel Trade Association, and became a frequent guest on a variety of radio shows.

Allie Almario

Allie’s fascination with wildlife conservation, photography and indigenous cultures has taken her on countless adventures spanning all seven continents, and more than 70 countries. She’s trekked by camel across India’s Thar Desert, camped under the stars to hyenas howling in Botswana and plunged into the frigid waters of Deception Bay in Antarctica. In Madagascar, she tracked lemurs in the wild, drank potent rice wine with headhunters in Borneo and swam with white-tipped sharks in the Galapagos. Allie was recognized on the 2014 Wendy Perrin WOW list – Trusted Travel Expert for Ecuador and the Galapagos, as well as former executive director of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association.

Jen Kamen

Jen has a passion for photography, the outdoors and raising backyard chickens. Proud to be a Sierra native, she takes full advantage of what Nevada has to offer and is an enthusiastic hiker and backcountry skier. She has traveled through India, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam, Myths and Mountains style—and loves experiencing different cultures throughout the world. Jen is in charge of coordinating the complex logistical details for our travelers who are set to embark on their own Journeys Of A Lifetime.

Odie, Jaxson, Caye and Huck (top to bottom, left to right)

These pups are the true spirit of the Myths and Mountains office since they represent breeds from all over the world. As working dogs, they see to it that we stay on task (i.e. hourly sessions of ball-fetching) and keep us laughing all day at their crazy antics. Jen’s oldest, Odie, is the alpha and isn’t afraid to put an out-of-line mutt in its proper place. His brother, Jaxson, is our other big man on campus and has the most captivating eyes. Caye is short for “calle”, which means street in Spanish. He understands English, Spanish, Tagalog and Woof thanks to his owner, Allie. And then, there is Toni’s little Huck, a feisty sweetheart who is the first to welcome any guest coming into the office with a big “ARF!” and a thousand kisses.