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Arts and the Amazon: A Creative Adventure in Peru

March 9th, 2017 by
Peru travels weaving
When traveling to Peru, there are several ways to experience the Amazon, and whether you travel by boat or stay in a jungle lodge, all are wonderful adventures. But if you want to enjoy a trip that also unlocks your creative potential, we suggest letting Mark Wangberg and Connie Grauds of the Living Amazon Peru Project lead you in a hands-on art journey of interaction with local people and natural materials of the Amazon. The Jungle Spirit Fine artist and art teacher Mark Wangberg and Connie Grauds believe eco-immersion in the jungle will free the artist within you, even if a traveler has never before lifted a paintbrush or tried weaving a basket. “How could all this wonderful nature energy not ramp up the desire to create your own art?” Mark says. The Amazon pulsates with birds, butterflies, monkeys, and innumerable species of trees and plants. All are blended together in a cacophony of high energy and diversity that Connie calls “jungle spirit.” “The Amazon is the greatest expression of life on Earth,” says Connie, a pharmacist by training and an author, healer, spiritual mentor, and Peruvian trip leader by avocation. Connie has been traveling in the Amazon basin for 23 […]

8 Questions for Travelers to the Amazon

November 4th, 2016 by
Peru Amazon Child with Baby Sloth, Photo: Brian Shepard
There’s no BEST way to tour the Amazon, the second largest river in the world, but there is a best way for YOU. The first — and most important — decision you’ll make when planning your Amazon adventure is whether to stay in an eco-friendly jungle lodge or take a cruise on the river. Each option has advantages, so think about your own preferences and expectations. These questions are ones that we ask our clients when planning their visits to the largest tropical rainforest on the planet. 1. Does your Amazon fantasy include waking up to the sounds of exotic birds?   The lodges we suggest are deep in the rainforest in a national park or reserve. The rooms have screened windows that can be opened to allow you to hear all the sounds of the jungle–the rustling trees, the chirping of insects, and the musical birdsongs. A lodge gives you a truly authentic experience of the jungle, especially at night when you go to sleep to the sounds of nature. 2. Is your vacation schedule flexible? Cruises have specific departure dates and times for their three-and-our-night or longer trips, so your schedule must mesh with the boat’s timetable. Keep in […]

Birding in Peru

October 29th, 2015 by
Birding in Peru: Peruvian Condor
With Myths and Mountains, customizing our Peru itinerary was simple. The chance to go birding and see condors flying close and free led my husband Fred and me to southern Peru, to the Arequipa district and Colca Canyon after we explored Machu Picchu. Set in the Andes where volcanoes rise 20,000 feet, the region features a dramatic landscape with a gorge twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

Out on a Limb…or ledge…in Peru

December 14th, 2014 by
By Robin Holabird Myths travelers Robin and Fred Holabird have dreamed about Peru for years. When it was time to celebrate a significant anniversary, they chose Myths and Mountains to put together a trip just for them that combined their goal to make it up to the top of Machu Picchu, as well as to see and experience the best of Peruvian culture and flavors. Robin is a movie reviewer for KUNR radio in Reno, NV and was a deputy director for the Nevada Film Office. Out on a Limb…or ledge…in Peru Written By Robin Holabird “Machu Picchu!” a 20-year-old friend exclaimed when I mentioned an upcoming Peru trip. “I’ve wanted to go there ever since I saw it in that movie “‘The Motorcycle Diaries.’” She seemed a little young to enjoy the movie, but that only demonstrates cinema’s power to introduce us to locations and inspire travel. I knew the shot she meant, as the main character gazes at intricately woven building relics lying below the jutting tusk of a pointy mountain. “The Motorcycle Diaries” joined several films influencing my desire to see Peru. Movie history tells me Machu Picchu put a big stamp on filmmakers with 1954’s “Secret […]