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A Sky Burial in Tibet

February 24th, 2017 by
Dingri Women Tibet
The body, carried by the Tibetans up the hill from the monastery, is wrapped in white cloth and tightly tied.  I follow this bundle, walking with my two companions in the crisp, clear, early morning air. We walk up along the kora, or pilgrimage path, which is lined with prayer flags, to the funeral site.  The top of the hill is not far; but at an altitude of more than 15,000 feet, we pace ourselves, breathing deeply.  Each of us wonders about the ceremony we will witness, a rite whose viewing is usually forbidden to tourists who travel to Tibet. The family in whose footsteps we are presently walking, however, has invited us. A Reason for a Tibet Ritual I have heard of sky burial. It’s a necessity in this very high land, where there is insufficient wood for cremation and burial is impossible in earth frozen for most of the year.  This monastery, Drigung, is one of the two most auspicious sites in Tibet for future reincarnation.  To the Tibetans, a rainbow to Sitavana in India, near Bodhgaya, binds the monastery with a rainbow  to the site where Buddha attained enlightenment.  Sitavana is the most famous of the eight […]

Best Time to Trek to Everest Base Camp in Tibet

April 15th, 2016 by
Treck to Everest Northface, Tibet
Visitors to the China, or Tibet, north side of Mt. Everest (29,029 feet), have one major advantage over those approaching, Chomolungma, the Tibetan and Sherpa name of the highest mountain in the world, from Nepal in the south: It’s possible to get to the North Base Camp by car! In fact, it’s possible to complete the whole journey from Lhasa (11,600 feet) or up the Friendship Highway from Nepal into Tibet by car, and begin your trek to Everest from there. For those who prefer to experience the vastness of the Tibetan plateau and the climb into the Himalayas, though, a four- or five-day trek is perfect. The starting point is near the village of Rizong, about an hour and a half drive from the windblown settlement of Old Tingri. The trail takes trekkers through hills and valleys; across meadows, streams and marshes; over the barren lands of Lamna La Pass, and past Zommug, the highest settlement in the Everest region, to Rongphu Monastery. From there the view of the Mt. Everest peak is spectacular! The North Everest Base Camp is about a two-hour hike from the Monastery. Many tourists end their trips at Base Camp, but the Myths and […]