What are travelers saying about our unique vacations?


We’re lifelong fans of Myths and Mountains, so we have chosen them to organize several of our trips. For our latest trip to Peru, we most loved our time with families and shamans on Taquile Island and in the Sacred Valley. And on the Inca Trail, we really had an understanding and appreciation of what Incan life was like. Arriving at the Sun Gate after days of trekking moved us to tears.

Esther and Al

We were overwhelmed by the sheer perfection of this trip. It exceeded every expectation. You were right about every single detail, big and small. Your knowledge of Peru was just tremendous. Our guide was amazing. Better than any I’ve ever had. He convinced me I could do anything and I did hikes around Machu Picchu that I would’ve missed out on if he hadn’t been so kind and patient. The majority of our other trips have been to Europe, but comparing Peru to that is like comparing peanut butter to filet mignon. Your trip was filet mignon! Everyone we met was so friendly. When we mentioned that we came from Atlanta, the home of Coca Cola, our guide in Lima gave us a gift of Inca Cola to bring home! This was the kind of experience you could only dream about. This was our first, but not last trip to South America. We will go again with Myths and Mountains!

Linda and Leon

This vacation was truly a “10” on our scale of vacations. We have been to many exotic places in the world and Peru is at the top. Your guides that you provided were outstanding. The places we visited were terrific…everything about the tour was first class.

Deanne and Paul

We had a wonderful time on our trip. We were greeted at every transfer location by friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our guides in Cusco and Lake Titicaca were fantastic…funny and accommodating! Our own knowledge on the Inca culture grew tremendously with every new location. I relied heavily on the detailed itinerary that Myths and Mountains drew up for us and we were very impressed with its thoroughness. The night sky from Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca was the best we’‘ve ever seen!!! Seeing the Milky Way was breathtaking and the amount of stars was unlike any place we’ve been before. A real treat!



We chose a junior suite on a four-day cruise aboard the LEGEND, a 100-passenger luxury expedition ship. Top marks to the cruise line – really really enjoyed the sailing itinerary.

Robert and Noel

The trip to the Galapagos was really awesome! I really liked our guides – both Wilson while we were in Ecuador and Orlando while we were in the Galapagos. The landscape and animals were really majestic and cool. I’m really glad I went there!

Elizabeth (age 11)

Our Ecuador trip was absolutely magical and wonderful in every way. Besides all the amazing animals and the fabulous snorkeling in the Galapagos, we just LOVED the hot springs spa and it was the perfect way to end the trip! You took all of our travel wishes and granted them. I’m so privileged to have shared this with my son.

Elizabeth & Liam

The trip was amazing. Galapagos is a wonderful teacher. We had THE BEST naturalist guides and others herding us to and fro’. Snorkeling was … I really don’t have the words to describe the awesome journey with water critters. Hacienda Cusin was out of this world, and we desperately needed the rest there. We felt taken care of throughout the trip, which is exactly what we needed. All in all, a trip of a lifetime. You guys rock. We’ve been singing your praises up and down to everyone we know. Thank you for putting together a great vacation for us. We’re so glad we went!

Colleen & Ellen

Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent job and all the hard work you did for us. I am still on a high from everything we did and saw. Our Quito guide. Gabriela, was very knowledgeable and informative; our Galapagos naturalists, Victor and Manuel, knew the answers to any questions asked of them. New Year’s Eve in Ecuador was extraordinary. It was wonderful to take part in some of their traditions. In the Amazon, our guides Jorge and Jaime could detect birds and animals miles away and knew the sound of just about every animal. Thank you again for a memorable trip we will never forget.

Anne and Joann

The Galapagos cruise aboard the Corals was truly magical. Three things that struck us the most were the amazing variety of the wildlife, the fact that you can get SO close to the animals (even hawks and sea lions) without causing them any distress or fear, and that you can often observe several different species living in close proximity and harmony in one place. We especially enjoyed hiking on the lava field on Santiago Island. It was like walking on the moon.

Barry and Melinda


We’ve been reflecting on our wonderful vacation in Ecuador and the Galapagos. Considering all the difficulties and surprises encountered, it was truly a trip of a lifetime. Just being among those amazing animals and birds in the islands was such a privilege. The landscape conjured up images of what the dawn of civilization must have been like. Truly awesome. So glad we met the challenges, pressed on, and ended up with some very vivid memories.


I loved Ecuador. The people everywhere were wonderful. We came to learn some Spanish and to explore Ecuador and the Galapagos. We left with amazing experiences. One day we went to a beautiful lake in the mountains and the drive around the lake was just wonderful. We were able to meet local families tending their crops and animals – not something most tourists would see. We decided that there is a virgin assigned to protect everything in Ecuador except the showers, which were quite unpredictable! Every family must have at least one dog, preferably several, to protect their property. We loved that the dogs who lived at Las Palmeras accompanied us on our walks. The hotels you suggested were just right – small and interesting.


We had a great trip. Thanks to all of you there for all of your time and help. We also loved the Tren Crucero – a great train ride with luxury amenities, very well organized and put together program between the train travel and bus expeditions. And we loved Hacienda Cusin. What a find! You’re a genius. And how did we get our own little “Hobbit House” (cottage 10) instead of just a normal room? Thought we’d died and gone to heaven.

Linda and David

I thoroughly enjoyed Ecuador. It was an amazing contrast to be able to see the development of the urban areas as well as the more indigenous life. The people, food, culture, and scenery were all more benevolent than I could have ever imagined. I can never thank enough Oxford College, my professor Dr. McQuaide, all the students in my class, all the people in Ecuador who welcomed us with open hearts, and especially Myths and Mountains, for making the trip the best experience I have had while at college.


For more than a decade, the Oxford College of Emory University and I have trusted Myths and Mountains and our local guide Juan Gabriel to put together an incredible shaman trip in Ecuador for my sociology students. We spend time mingling with families and elders and medicine men, learning about natural healing, the culture and the lives of real people. No one could ask for better service than what they provide for us. We worship them.

Dr. Michael McQuaide


It was out of this world! We’ve gone on several trips with Myths, but this was a favorite.

Bill and Anne

We will go anywhere with Myths and Mountains! This trip was perfect in every way. The Explora Lodges are luxurious and a splurge, but worth every penny. We were pampered. And the scenery – breathtaking!


There are some trips for which you have very high expectations, and then you’re disappointed. This trip not only met my expectations, it far succeeded them. I enjoyed visiting Pablo Neruda’s home and seeing the countryside. Chile is blessed with excellent seafood, which was expertly prepared everywhere. Bariloche was almost like a fantasy town! The Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego trip was fantastic with extraordinary weather and wonderful lodging at estancias. Truly a Journey of A Lifetime!


The trip was amazing and magical! The treks on Easter Island were hard at first but got easier as I got stronger. Every one and every site was beyond imaginable. Loved the city tour in Buenos Aires and we got to see every important district and to spend time at the extraordinary markets. I would travel again with Myths and Mountains in a heartbeat and will recommend them to traveling friends.



When we asked friends who to go to for expert advice on a trip to Argentina, they recommended Myths and Mountains. We wanted beauty and nature and food and wine. We came away with that and more …. like making friends with winemakers, kisses from our trekking guide, drinking mate tea by a campfire under a million stars. We could not have asked for more.

Stephen and Monique

Myths & Mountains created an amazing custom trip for us in Argentina. Lots of activity and adventure, which is exactly what we were seeking. One highlight was hiking the Moreno Glacier – something we’ve always dreamed of doing, but finally got to cross off our adventure list. Thank you!

Gail and Garry

Our trip to Argentina was a wonderful experience of contrasts. From the European flair of Buenos Aires and sipping a cortado at an outdoor cafe, to the vast landscape of Tierra Del Fuego and walking the trails of the Yamana tribes. Flightless ducks steamrolling over Lapatia Bay as seen from our rafts and the ‘‘end of the world” city of Ushuaia with its endless offerings of Fuegian lamb and King Crab. We’ll never forget the time we heard and saw the Perito Moreno glacier calving. Our guides were all great and fun and we learned a lot…who knew how delicious Argentine chocolate is?

Francesca and Curtis


Myths and Mountains’ ability to create an absolutely wonderful trip in such short notice deserves praise in itself. Our Vietnam adventure takes the top spot in so many different categories – being one of the best trips we’ve ever been on. Our guide, Cuong, made the trip. We became fast friends and it rapidly felt as though he was just showing us his country as friends. Everything was absolutely terrific and we can’t say enough about how the trip has changed and enriched us.

Craig and Stephanie

I want to thank Myths and Mountains for a vacation that was simply the best trip that I’ve ever been on. Cuong is the best guide I’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling with. His life story is amazing and his willingness to share it with us was an honor. I now have a perspective on Vietnamese history that is unique and rich with first hand details. All the extra things that he did with us were all amazing from doing some charity work with the poorest of the Vietnamese minority classes. With just a few phone calls, he set up an afternoon and evening at a village of the Bana people with traditional clothing, music and dancing that we were able to participate in. As wonderful as all the things we were able to do off the motorcycles were, it was the riding that was just the best part of the trip. It is such an engaging way to see a country. You are so focused on where you are physically. From the scenery of the mountains, valleys, or urban areas…. You are also intently watching the road conditions and all the other bikes, cars, trucks, buses and people that you are sharing the space with. To be so aware of everything around you is just a fantastic way to travel.



You made us see a part of Thailand that we never thought we’d get to experience with our kids. We loved the elephant ride up to visit the remote hill tribes. Every day was a new adventure.

Patrick and Genean

You just did a magnificent job doing what we wanted and doing what we didn’t know we wanted.

Sally and Richard


I had wanted to go to Cambodia and Laos for several years and, I have to say, it far exceeded my expectations. It was wonderful to have people to take care of us and not have to figure out where to go and what to do on our own. More importantly, we experienced the culture first hand. This was most meaningful to me – I came away with a real feeling for the people and cultures. Our guide knew so much about his region and he intermixed his knowledge with personal stories. Such a pleasure to be around him.

Nell and James


We want to thank you for making our anniversary so special. The poolside dinner was fabulous…romantic ambience and excellent food. The hotel even gave us roses and they put flower petals in the shape of a heart on our bed. When we returned to our room we were so surprised to find a gift from you and everyone at Myths and Mountains. We also enjoyed our massages and our bottle of champagne. And Ankgor Wat, the water blessing and Angkor Thom were the icing on the cake. We wanted a memorable anniversary and you certainly delivered!

Judy and Neal

My recent trip to Cambodia and Vietnam was excellent – from the guides, the people and the culture. It’s important to remind travelers to remain open of heart and mind, be willing to step out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid to learn the language of the country you are visiting – it is a wonderful way to break the ice of interacting with locals. Most of all, your experiences and memories will be valuable all of your life … continue to travel and seek out new people and places!



As a solo-single female traveler, I had a fantastic trip. I absolutely adore elephants and they were my primary reason for going to Nepal. Tiger Tops was probably my very favorite spot I visited – I managed 4 rides in 2 days, I was in heaven! I would definitely recommend Myths and Mountains and hope to travel to some other countries with you.


Go to Nepal and go soon. Our trekking guides did their utmost to meet our needs and won our hearts. The most memorable moments were our porter carrying me the last two rises up to Manang Summit — the happiest moment in my life! And our guide baking a cake for my birthday, decorated beautifully with tomato slices. The trip was incredible.

Ellen and Marla

Our family trip was even better than hoped. The short amount of time that we had in Nepal was worth the transatlantic voyage alone. Very impressive what you are all doing there – clearly it makes a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives. We were so thrilled to be able to see the new READ Library under construction in Panauti and the team couldn’t have been warmer and more welcoming.

Adam and Allison

I just returned from a trek in Nepal and due to weather, we were unable to make it to Lukla as planned. Our guide, Kumar, changed our itinerary on the spot in order for us to maximize our time. We hiked 121 km of the Annapurna Circuit and the views were breathtaking. Our guide and porters were all incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, kind and fun! Kumar is responsible for helping me get over the pass with minimal issues and without him, I’m not sure what we would have done. I had complete confidence in his skills and he was able to address all my medical issues. I fell in love with the local people and was very sad to depart. What a great trip, I would 100% recommend Kumar and Myths to anyone looking for an incredible adventure in the Himalayas.



India was fantastic! Everything was wonderful and it was truly the trip of a lifetime. I don’t think life will ever be the same after this trip. Prashant was by far the best guide we had. He was extremely knowledgeable, relatable, funny, and interesting. We became friends with him and felt very comfortable with him.


I first started traveling with Myths and Mountains 12 years ago, and they never disappoint with an itinerary that’s unusual and most often unique to allow a greater understanding of the culture and local people. My most recent trip was to India with Myths. They know I’m a photographer and so they make sure they match me with guides for early sunrise starts and late sunset finishes. It’s something I really appreciate.