The Galapagos Islands: Wildlife, People and Volcanoes


The Galapagos is a modern day Eden with an unequaled abundance of the world’s rarest and most fragile wildlife. In this unusual look in the Galapagos, we decided to focus on not just the wildlife and landscapes of this unusual archipelago, but also give you a chance to meet the people who have chosen to live in this remote part of the world.

Ecuador boasts the highest bio-diversity anywhere on Earth. Literally in the middle of nowhere, the Galapagos Islands were born in a violent volcanic explosion millions of years ago. They are located more than 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, just below the equator.

But who are the people who live there? At Floreana, you’ll hear more about the intriguing murder mystery known as the “Galapagos Affair.” You’ll meet with fishermen and their families, learn how to make ceviche, share dinner and lots of laughs. Ecuadorians are known for their great sense of humor and warm hospitality. On a more serious note, you might hear how the Galapagos National Park’s rules and regulations to protect wildlife has changed THEIR way of making a living.


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ITINERARY at a Glance

Day 1

Arrive Guayaquil, transfer to hotel.

Day 2

Transfer to airport, fly to San Cristobal, learn how to make ceviche, El Junco Lake for birdwatching, Puerto Chino for beach swim.

Day 3

Kayak to beach, sail to Leon Dormido.

Day 4

Speed boat to Floreana to learn about the “Galapagos Affair”, swimming on black beach, speedboat to Isabela Island.

Day 5

Giant Tortoise Breeding Center, bike to Wall of Tears, Lava Cave visit, candlelight dinner at local farm.

Day 6

Hike Sierra Negra and Chico Volcanoes.

Day 7

Speed boat to Santa Cruz, Charles Darwin Research Center, giant tortoises in the wild, Crocker Hill hike, dinner with local fishermen and family.

Day 8

Transfer to Baltra Island to fly back to Guayaquil. Transfer to hotel.

Day 9

Transfer to airport for flight back home.