Peru: The Way Of The Wari And The Lost Culture


Everybody knows about Machu Picchu. With Myths and Mountains, you can explore Peru’s hidden pre-Incan history, known as the mysterious Wari Culture, on this 10-day adventure to lesser-known archaeological treasures.

Whereas many people have experienced the inspiring Inca work at Machu Picchu, not many have marveled at the 6 story friezes at the Moche’s Huaca de la Luna or stood in the massive crumbling courtyard of the Chimu’s grand Chan Chan.

Be one of the few to discover Peru’s lesser traveled north with an in-depth look at its ancient cultures and the mysteries they left behind. Your journey will take you to the beautiful northern cities of Trujillo, Chiclayo and Ayacucho where you will wander in the shadows of captivating Pre-Incan sites as well as enjoy friendly locals and gorgeous scenery.


Land Cost

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Based on 4-6 People
(excluding international air)

Custom Dates and Prices Available1.800.670.6984 OR 775.832.5454

ITINERARY at a Glance

Day 1

Arrive in Lima. Transfer to airport hotel.

Day 2

Transfer to airport. Fly to Trujillo. Afternoon city tour.

Day 3

Moche Valley ceramic workshop, Temples of the Sun and Moon, Chan Chan ruins.

Day 4

Transfer to Chiclayo with El Brujo visit and Bruning Archaeological Museum.

Day 5

Transfer to Sipan, archaeological ruins of Huaca Rajada, Royal Tomb of Sipan.

Day 6

Pyramids of Tacume, Huaca Las Balsas Temple, weaving workshop, fly to Lima.

Day 7

Transfer from hotel, fly to Ayacucho, guided city tour.

Day 8

Wari ruins and temples, Quinua obelisk and pottery.

Day 9

Vilcashuaman temples and pyramids.

Day 10

Transfer to airport, fly to Lima, connect with flight home.