Spiritual Journey: Bhutan in the Realm of Colors


Colors and Cosmology: According to Animism and Buddhist approach everything originated from the Space and the four primordial essentials. The four essentials are the Fire, Wind, Water and Earth. The Space predates these four essentials. Fusion of the four essentials created form (body). The foundation of Bhutanese indigenous medicine is also built on this concept. So health problems are understood as imbalances amongst the five essentials. The remedies seek to create the balance. To simplify the understanding of the five essentials, colors are assigned individually. In this context the color red is designated to the fire, green to wind, white to water, yellow to earth and blue to space. All life forms and so-called evolution took place due to the fusion of these essentials.

Colors in Astrology: In the Himalayas, the sight of colorful prayer flags is very common. The colors used in the prayer flags follow what we call the “Astrological Directions”. An astrological direction means creating harmony by enhancing the directions. Here we are not just referring to geographical directions alone. Directions herein also mean all things falling in correct places. Colors under the astrological directions are attached to the five characteristic elements known as Kham. According to this concept, each of us gets a lifetime element at birth such as Fire, Water, Earth, Iron and Wood. Here, an element determines a person’s dominant personality or characteristic. Kham assignment is an interesting phenomenon. It has similar bearing to genetic assignment though kham assignment takes place on the day of birth. Lungta which is crudely translated as Luck Force. The symbol for lungta is a horse. We are all familiar with the literal meaning that is the Wind-horse. An individual’s luck force or lungta is directly related to the kham. Therefore choosing your kham color to boost your lungta is an important affair. Lungta phenomenon is very much employed many rituals. Bhutanese will conduct rituals as luck-boosters. Some rituals are conducted to make harmony or ask help from the spirits.

Colors in Buddhist Teachings: The colors depicted on paintings and statues carry the essence of Buddhist philosophies. Color interpretations are vast and what is mentioned here covers only a small section. Very fascinating is the the Five Buddha family teaching. The teaching is done through imaging of the five colors. So we see red, blue, white, yellow and green Buddhas. Colors assigned are five wisdoms over the five knowledges. What is meant by knowledge here? The inherent five human attributes (Greed, Anger, Ignorance, Pride and Jealousy) are referred to as knowledge. Knowledge “off track” becomes the “poisons.” So five wisdoms are required to keep the five knowledges on track. When represented in form of paintings we see them as the Five Wisdom Buddhas.

The trip coordinator for this trip will be a research person on colors and interpretation in Bhutan. The study of colors is categorized in three fields of Cosmology, Astrology and Buddhist teaching. The whole trip will be based on a spiritual awakening through the use of colors.


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Based on 4-6 People
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ITINERARY at a Glance

Day 1

Arrive in Paro. Drive to Thimphu. Sunset at the Great Buddha

Day 2

Mandala making and offering. PM meeting with an indigenous medical doctor. Evening talk by a master and offering

Day 3

AM Dued Ritual. PM Drive to Punakha

Day 4

Drive Bumthang via Trongsa and Museum

Day 5

Chanting and meditation with a master at Mebartso. Visit Tamshing. Afternoon Tsokhor offering and spiritual debate in Lhodra Karchu

Day 6

Return to Punakha, stopping in Chendebji and Rukubji

Day 7

Tsa-Tsa making and Prayer Flag Hoisting. Visits to Punakha Dzong and Chimi Lhakang. Talk on Tsa-tsa making by senior monk

Day 8

Return to Paro, stopping at Sisina family home and Tachogang Temple

Day 9

Taktsang Pilgrimage and Farewell

Day 10

Transfer out