Back in 2007, Myths and Mountains had a group of film makers approach us to arrange a trek in Nepal and make a short film about the non-profit we founded – READ Global. They followed me and our READ Nepal tour group all around the Nepal country side filming the villages and libraries we visited, and getting to know all sorts of local people. After sending us the final version, we love it! The film shows just what READ Global is about and how Myths and Mountains is collaborating with READ to get the word out. It also show show Myths and Mountains trips take people inside the cultures of the countries we visit.

READ Global began back in 1991 when, after a trek, people started to tip me. Debating about what to do with the money, I asked our sirdar (the Nepali leader) what he needed most in his village, and he replied,”A library”. Light bulbs went off for me, and since then,READ Global has built close to 50 fully sustainable library/community centers with the help of Myths and Mountains, its travelers and friends. To read more about READ Global, click here.

Happy Travels,
Toni Neubauer
Myths and Mountains President & READ Global Founder