By Sally Vihlen

Here is a quick sampling of some of my favorite photos from our private trip to Peru. We have so Peru_LakeTiticacaCondor_SallyVihlenmany grand tales about our trip to Peru – from drinking homemade strawberry beer in a tiny, dirt-floored local bar, to being invited to the private ceremony celebrating the first haircut of a 4-month-old Aymaran baby (his mother was our guide), to rafting with a guide who was a member of the Peruvian Olympic kayak team. The topography, the people, the culture, the colors of Peru-from their yarn to their dirt, all together create an irresistible photographic journey.

About the pictures: 1) Machu Picchu, Insiders Machu Picchu2) from the drive to Colca Canyon where one really does feel like he is at the top of the world (the moss you see below the girls’ feet takes over a hundred years to grow), and 3) from Uros. The bird is indeed an Andean condor, the largest in the world. It was captured as a baby by one of the boys of the island and is almost full grown. I took four or five pictures of him and the two boats, but in this one he seemed to look straight at the camera. All together, they tell a wonderful tale. I am fascinated by the company that you have created.

I am a retired Advanced Placement English teacher, now pursuing my three passions, travel, writing and photography and hope one day we can travel again with you.