We received this wonderful note from Daniel and Evgeniya, who recently returned from their 10-day “Magic of Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca” customized journey with Myths and Mountains. In the spirit of travel, we thought it would be nice to share their experiences with all of you, our adventurous fans. Enjoy!

Dear Allie,

I am very sorry that I found time to reply only now but as a young mother of a very active eight months old baby I think I have an excuse 🙂

On behalf of my husband and myself I would like to thankeveryone and especially you for a WONDERFUL trip to Peru. We fall in love with thisbeautiful country. We really enjoyed every moment of being there. The Machu Picchu was amazing and powerful place to be. We got big supply of energy in this mysterious place. I liked the Machu Picchu but the floating islands on lakeTiticaca impressed me themost. When we disembarked from the boat I was able to sayonly: ” WOW!!!!” . I wished wecould spend overnight on theislands to get better the culture and thelocal people.

The Peruvian people are veryfriendly and helpful. I like that they are not importunate on the markets. We bought so many good things. I am not a shopaholic but I couldn’t stop myself of buying nice stuff there. 🙂 The Peruvian food was absolutely delicious. Finally we tried guinea pig we didn’t havetime to do it in Ecuador. We found top end restaurantin Cusco and tried there ravioli with guinea pigand alpaca steak. Where else in theworld you can try such exoticfood? I think nowhere, in Cusco only.

I left my opinion aboutour guides and hotels on the commentpage.

Also I want toshare our story on Titicaca with you. We really enjoyed it at the end but… how it all happened.

The first two hours ofkayaking were enjoyable and pleasantdespite the wind blowing againstus. The third hourwe began to be tired but we almostdidn’t stop to take a rest. Thefourth hour I got horrible painin my arms but I the thoughtthat I can”t leave my husband alone, really motivated me to continuerowing. After four hours of kayaking we finally reached theisland. We were exhaustedbut happy. 🙂 For therest of the day and whole night I have experienced the worst pain in my life. I couldn’t move my arms at all. The nextmorning I was absolutely fineand happy.

We want to come back to Peru in few years to do Inca trails andspend few days in the jungle and will do it with your company for sure.

Once again, thank you very muchfor the great time we havehad on the land of Incas and unforgettable memories that will be inour hearts for years to come.

All the best ,

Daniel and Evgeniya