Hello from Cambodia! – Part 3

I have fallen in love with this country – I absolutely love it. Around every corner is something new to experience, to taste, to try.

To say the least, everyone in Cambodia has kept me busy and each day is a new adventure. I just got back from dinner with my guides, Andy and Roth, both whom I adore very much. Andy is very engaging and we’ve shared some very interesting conversations and Roth is as sweet as can be. They showed me their office and introduced me to the staff – everyone was so friendly. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they really are. Having creative, amazing overseas partners like our land operators makes our job so much easier.

It’s been incredible here and I’m having a fantastic and insightful journey. I’m in Phnom Penh tonight and off to the Rainbow Lodge tomorrow. From there, we will head to the beaches – can’t wait!

As I continue my journey through Cambodia, I realize how great my Siem Reap guide was and how much he added to my experience as a “newbie” to this lovely country.

Gosh, the days go by so fast, I feel like I got here yesterday (and it’s already been a week since I arrived)! Since I last had a chance to write you, I’ve visited Kratie – interesting little place. The hotel that I stayed in was remote, but I was so tired from my days of travel that I immediately passed out when I arrived. Of course, before resting my head, I enjoyed a fantastic sunset in the horizon.

The next morning, we went on a boat ride to see the dolphins, and we actually saw quite a few. They were very active, but extremely difficult to photograph. Being able to see the dolphins in their element was so quiet and peaceful – it was really an interesting experience. It’s kind of crazy that they are even here in a river environment.

After spending about an hour on the river watching them, we caught the local “ferry” over to the island of Koh Trong, and hopped on a pair of bicycles and rode around the island on the scenic route to check out the newest and greatest hotels in the area. Let me tell you, it was a very interesting bike ride … you literally are riding through fields and villages, dodging children and cows. This mode of transportation was really neat and it allowed me to meet locals up close and personal along the way. Children wave and say hello as they pass on their bicycles or play by their homes. The people here are so friendly!

I have so many things to share with you when I return home! Until then, I’m off to bed, more to share soon…