Cambodia – Part 4

Today we headed to the Elephant Valley Project – which has been my favorite tour so far, I think … although everything has been great! I know I’ve said it more than once, but I’ll say it again, I love Cambodia!!!

Seeing and interacting with the elephants was life-changing experience. I thought we’d just be looking at the elephants, but we actually got to hang out with them, help bathe them and touch them. They were so friendly and they walked right up to you looking for bananas. They truly are gentle giants and every elephant really does have a different personality. All of them have been rescued from abuse and neglect, usually in tourism and logging. A few of the elephants are blind on their right side from getting hit with a stick – but now rest assured, they’re in a place where they are loved and properly cared for. They really are in a much happier place now.

That evening I stayed deep in the jungle in a bungalow (with a mosquito net, of course) and it was so serene, it truly was beautiful and an experience I’ve never had before. Most importantly, the hotel works sustainably with the local village – employing them, giving them healthcare, and in exchange for renting the land they would be using to farm with, they trade them rice instead of money

I really enjoyed seeing this and I think a certain type of our clients who are are looking for a really unusual experience would, too. It is a bit of walking, or hiking I should say, sometimes on more treacherous terrain over streams and creeks and was often slippery. It was like fancy camping if you will, but it was well worth the trek, which in no doubt took me into jungle paradise.

Good night from Cambodia,