A few weeks ago, one of our travelers experienced a medical emergency just before he boarded his flight to South America. He called us at 5 A.M. the day he was supposed to be arriving in Argentina to let us know that he had missed his flight the night before.

We quickly revised the complicated travel logistics and had a new itinerary in place by sunrise. Flights were rescheduled, new airport transfers booked, hotels notified, and activities rearranged–all in a country several time zones away.

Our traveler was grateful for our quick and efficient help, and we were happy and relieved that he felt ready to fly after a few days of rest.

When we had time to catch our breath and review his paperwork, we noticed that he had waived our advice to see a doctor for a checkup months before his departure date. We couldn’t help but wonder: Would things have turned out differently if he had received a medical all clear before his trip?

Ultimately, we want to make sure travelers are in good condition before beginning their journeys with us. Here our top 7 tips to make sure you’re in the best shape you can be when traveling with Myths and Mountains:


  1. Have a physical checkup at least six months prior to departure. Most experts say six weeks, but we advise an earlier doctor visit so that you’ll have time to recover from a treatment, even surgery, if necessary. Remember, too, that if you have to cancel, the sooner the better will get you maximum return on your payment.
  2. Have a dental check-up well in advance of departure. If repairs or treatment is needed, you’ll have time to complete it before your departure.
  3. See a specialist in travel medicine or visit a travel medicine clinic for immunizations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends very specific vaccinations and medications, depending on your destination. Do this at least 6 weeks before your departure, since some vaccines take that long to be maximally protective.
  4. Purchase the best travel insurance available. Myths and Mountains suggest Arch Insurance Solutions for comprehensive coverage. If you have a pre-existing health condition, such as diabetes, most policies require you to purchase the insurance within two weeks of paying your trip deposit.
  5. Consider a medical alert bracelet. It could save your life if you have a chronic condition or are taking medication, such as a blood thinner or insulin. If you have an implanted device, such as a pacemaker, carry a card with information about the type of device and the model.
  6. Have a backup plan. Have a copy of all your prescriptions, including your glasses prescription, an extra set of contact lenses or more disposable ones that you think you’ll need.
  7. Travel smart. It’s a good idea to take your medication in their original containers. If you have a hearing aid, add extra batteries to your packing list.