Our own Jen Kamen, operations coordinator for Asia and Southeast Asia, just arrived in New Delhi, India for the start of a month-long research and development trip to the Himalayas. Follow her on her journey as she heads off on her first-ever international trip!

Welcome to Delhi, home of the horns and where travel lanes are painted on the road just for decoration! There’s a reason why people say Delhi is the green Capital of the World… it really is green, with trees and grass and tuk-tuks, too. It’s 1:40 AM on 3/29/14 now. We just spent the day at the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple (a true wonder, built by hand in five years, made out of red and pink sandstone), enjoyed our first authentic Indian lentil dish (and something else – not quite sure, but we’re always up to try anything new), dodged traffic, sweated from the heat like it’s going out of style, embraced the unexpected rainstorm and did site inspections for two hotels for work.

Our hotel in Delhi, the Taj Palace, is nicer than any hotel I’ve even been in. Seriously, it’s amazing.

People stare at Mike and I like we’re gods (or more like aliens who just invaded). We just smile back. So far, all is wonderful and we’re happy to say we have no expectations, so all is a truly welcomed adventure! I’ve heard so many terrific things about India from working at Myths and Mountains from both Toni and Allie and our travelers who’ve been there and loved it, but I really think that everyone should visit India at least once in their life… I’m already thinking about when we’re coming back, but can we please skip the 14 hour plane ride?