Myths and Mountains, an award-winning experiential tour operator offering active lifestyle trips in Asia, Southeast Asia and South America, was named winner of the ninth annual Observer Ethical Awards’ travel category for the first time today. Myths and Mountains, along with the READ Global Program, was the only American company nominated for an award sponsored by the Observer, one of England’s most prominent and trusted news sources. Information about the ninth Annual Awards is available [here](

The Observer Ethical Awards Ceremony- dubbed ‘The Green Oscars’- took place at One Marylebone in London on June 11th. Sponsored by Virgin Airlines, the competition was voted upon by both a panel of judges and the public.

Dr. Antonia Neubauer founded Myths and Mountains in 1988 after a trekking trip to Nepal, where her deep connection to international education and development was realized. Her knowledge of the Nepali people and culture grew, and her desire to educate and connect other travelers with Nepal and other countries inspired her inception of the travel company. When Dr. Neubauer had asked a Nepali guide what he had wished for most in his home country, his reply of “a library” sparked Dr. Neubauer’s desire to create an organization dedicated to giving back to the communities to which Myths and Mountains traveled.

Established in 1991, READ Global was founded not to simply create a library, but to develop a catalyst for systemic and sustainable change in the community. In 2006, READ was awarded the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation’s one million dollar Access to Learning Award, and it has been a stand-alone organization since 2007. READ Global works in rural Asia to build community library and resource centers and seed small businesses. Offering programs in education, economic empowerment, technology, and women’s empowerment, [READ Global]( has established almostseventy centers and has serviced nearly two million rural villagers.

Upon receiving the Observer Ethical Award, Dr. Neubauer says, “We at Myths and Mountains are honored to be chosen for this award. True sustainability is a hallmark of READ – economic prosperity through a business generating income, social viability through village ownership and empowerment, and continuous educational development through the knowledge the program inspires.”

About Myths and Mountains

Founded in 1988 by veteran adventurer Dr. Antonia Neubauer, Myths and Mountains provides travelers with an intimate experience with the places they visit. With more than 25 years of expertise, Myths and Mountains offers award-winning trips focusing on cultures and crafts, religion and pilgrimage sites, environment and natural history, and natural healing and traditional medicine. Dr. Neubauer was named one of the “Top Travel Experts Who Can Change Your Life” for her specialty in Nepal by Conde Nast Traveler consecutively from 2010 through 2014. Myths and Mountains was chosen as one of the “Top Ten Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” by National Geographic Adventurer in 2009, “Ultimate Adventure Outfitters From Around the Globe” by Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2010, and “50 Tours of a Lifetime” by National Geographic Traveler in 2013.