Myths President Toni Neubauer headed to Nepal and Vietnam with her daughter and grandkids a few days ago. First hurdle? Jet lag! She writes: “Time, watch time, is really meaningless when you travel by plane. You leave a place at 8:30 AM, and arrive somewhere else that is 4 hours away. Yet, it is not 12:30, but 2:30 PM. Your stomach says, “Hey, babes, it is lunch time,” but the clock says, “You lie, stomach. You missed lunch and need to wait for tea time.” But, then, when you connect to the next flight, 11/2 hours away, it is not tea time, but 6:30 and dinner time, because it is an hour later. Then, you fly another twelve hours for a total of 17 1/2 hours in the air, but it is not 1:30 AM when you disembark. It is about 1:30 PM where you are, and you missed lunch again! Of course, watch time is man-made, and created by humans. There is another kind of time, more real, a time that includes sunrises, sunsets, stars, and moons – a universal time that is really the only one that makes sense.”

We know there’s always a price to pay when it comes to jumping a few time zones from continent to continent. But the memories you keep? Priceless.