Myths and Mountains is truly blessed to work with top ground operators. In Nepal, the local operators and their families have been greatly affected by the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck on April 25. However, despite their personal challenges, they have done everything necessary to keep our travelers in Nepal safe and helped arrange transportation for clients who choose to leave the country.

Now, a little over a month since the Nepal disaster, our operators continue to update us on conditions in Kathmandu and other areas of the country.

Their updates are so informative that we decided to share the most recent one with those who follow Myths and Nepal_Khumbu_PumoriTrail_VMountains and who are interested in what is happening now in Nepal or who are planning a visit to Nepal.


Normalcy is slowly returning in Nepal.

Although aftershocks still occur, and fear of them grips some parts of the country, thousands of young Nepalis have been working tirelessly to restore order and help those affected. These young people immediately swung into rescue and relief operation after the earthquake. For the last three years, they have been trained in disaster preparedness, and the sudden tremor was a real test for them.

Although the quake destroyed most houses and displaced countless people, locals are trying to return to their normal lives despite frequent small aftershocks. With the markets finally open, people are again engaging in trade and other activities. There is no point in staying idle. We need to unite and carry out developmental works in our country.

The local people have returned to work when possible as the pressure to earn their livelihoods mounts. They are returning to live in houses that have been marked safe by the government’s technical teams. Nepal_Tuckche_TheRoadToTuckche1Where buildings no longer stand, the people who lived and worked in them are erecting tents and cottages. The monsoon season is arriving soon, and people need to build makeshift houses as soon as possible.

Meteorologists have warned that there is high risk of flash floods, landslides and even outburst of glacial lakes during the monsoon. They are urging people to be alert to avert their susceptibility to these potential natural hazards.

Locals are busy as soon as they wake. A large crowd of people can be seen in the market buying the equipment they need to build shelters. They realize that crying over their losses is fruitless. At least they can tend to their fields and grow crops in the future.

Tourism Must Continue

Shops and hotels have reopened and are usually filled with the customers.

On June 15, the government will open some cultural heritage sites in the Kathmandu Valley. This includes Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swyambhunath and Patan Durbar Square. Other sites like Boudhanath, Budhanilakantha and Pashupatinath are safe.

The Tourism Recovery Committee met in late May to review the damage and discuss the best practices for restoring Nepal_READ_Jamiehorse_V.jpgand rebuilding Nepal’s heritage sites. The goal is to restore and rebuild the sites while maintaining the sensibility and authenticity of the nation’s cultural history.

The Everest Hotel is the only five-star hotel in the country that has received a red “unsafe” sticker from officials. All other five-star hotels had only minor or limited damage, and they have received permission to accommodate visitors.

Experts and other hotel stake holders have been assessing hotel buildings after the aftershocks of May 12. This assessment will take a more than a month to complete. However, the hotels used by Myths and Mountains’ clients– Hotel Dwarikas, the Hyatt Hotel, Tibet International, Hotel Tibet, Yak & Yeti, Kathmandu Guest House’ new wing, Dwarikas Resort, Dhulikhel Mountain Resort, Heritage Hotel and Namobuddha Resort– are all safe and in operation.

The earthquake affected few hotels outside the Kathmandu Valley. The exceptions are Gorkha Gaon in Gorkha and the Farm House in Nuwakot.

Thank you for your continued support, prayer, and thoughts in this time of calamity. We are confident that we will come out of this distress with courage and strength. Nepal has endured much loss of life and property. However, we believe we will rise above this situation and trying time.