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Staying in an Amazon Lodge or an Amazon Cruise Ship

You say you’re an “easy” traveler, but does the thought of a night in the Amazon without air conditioning make your palms sweat? If so, staying in an Amazon lodge deep in the jungle may not be for you. Are the sounds of nature likely to keep you up all night? If so, you may be more comfortable cruising on a boat with windows that close to keep out the sounds of chirping insects and early (very early) morning birdsongs.

Choosing a river cruise or a lodge is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your trip to the Amazon. So, before you make your pick, give your travel preferences some serious thought.

Where to Stay during Your Amazon Travel

Accommodations and amenities for Amazon travel vary with costs. Here are six basic pros and cons to consider for each type of accommodation.

Amazon Lodges

  1. Area for exploration is limited to lodge location and local day trips. The more remote the lodge, the better.
  2. Allows check-in, check-out flexibility and long stays.
  3. Allows focused, in-depth exploration of one area
  4. Usually have some designated trails for hiking without a guide.
  5. Local guides are very familiar with the best viewing times for local birds and wildlife.
  6. Deep forest eco-lodges are rarely air-conditioned and usually rely on solar jungle power.

Amazon Cruises

  1. The boat is at a different location every day, including very remote areas.
  2. Cruises have fixed departure and return schedules.
  3. Allows for varied exploration of the scenery.
  4. Experienced guides almost always must accompany hikers.
  5. Viewing wildlife is unpredictable, which allows for pleasant surprises but doesn’t guarantee specific sightings.
  6. Luxury boats entering the deep jungle have air conditioning and windows that close. Most boats have lights, hot water 24/7 and even small pools on board.
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Photo Credit: Brian Shepard

Have an Open Mind and Enthusiastic Spirit for Your Amazon Travel

Ask our Amazon travel experts for recommendations based on your specific travel style. For some adventurers, wildlife viewing is more important than comfortable lodgings. Think about each of the considerations above and once you’ve made your choice, embrace it.

There is no one best way to see the Amazon, and the more flexible you are, the better your experience will be.