To All Our Travelers,

For over 30 years, the dream of Myths and Mountains has been to share the people and the countries we love with you, the travelers we love. When we started the company, we never could have imagined the success we would have in doing so, nor the incredible relationships we’d make with you and globetrotters like you along the way. It’s been a journey!

Well, that journey is going to take a new and exciting turn. Myths and Mountains is partnering with Wild Frontiers Travel, and this partnership will open up opportunities to visit about 70 other very exciting countries in Europe, Africa, Antarctica, the Arctic, Scandinavia, South America, Central Asia, the Caucuses, Middle East, Far East, and our traditional destinations in Asia and Southeast Asia. Whew!


“…this partnership will open up opportunities to visit about 70 other very exciting countries…”


Never fear, though. I’m not planning on going anywhere and will still be here in the office with Jen and Theresa, personally involved in planning your trips to the countries I know and love. But the merger means that our office will grow with new specialists available to help plan trips around the globe, all of whom are able to focus on what they know and love. It’s a real win-win!

Wild Frontiers is a British company owned by Jonny Bealby. I’ve known Jonny for years through the Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialists and Wendy Perrin WOW lists. We’ve crossed paths in India researching tours, as well as in other industry groups and conferences, and I’ve always admired his company, his programs and his dedication to the people and the places Wild Frontiers’ travelers visit.

With a recently opened US office, Wild Frontiers has been going from strength to strength, including being one of the top three Tour Operators in the Travel & Leisure Readers’ Choice Awards. The US office is led by Andrea Ross and April Cole, two women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with for years, consider to be friends and are pioneers in responsible travel.

Do check out the announcement video so you can put faces to names, meet Jonny and Andrea and hear again what this all means…with a pretty nice backdrop if I do say so myself!

What’s more, many of you have supported READ Global, the award-winning non-profit we founded and helped grow and thrive. Please continue championing READ and let me promise you that our support for the READ Centers we have funded and hope to fund in the future will continue after this merger. Wild Frontiers has its own philanthropic arm, The Wild Frontiers Foundation created in 2009, that supports education, sustainability, economic growth, and disaster. READ Global fits right in.

So, as they say, “That’s the stor-r-r-ry.”  Very exciting and do let me know if you have questions.

Have a mythical day,

Toni Neubauer

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