2020 is the start of a new decade and a new era for Myths and Mountains!

Let me invite you to be part of this new beginning, meet our new partners, explore on some of their trips and join me for several exciting journeys to places I love in Asia, such as Nepal and India. But first, to kick off this exciting year, I will be heading to the East Coast with the team to attend:
New York Time Travel Show
Join me and our incredible partners from Wild Frontiers at the New York Times Travel Show on Sunday, January 26 from 11PM to 5PM at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City. Not only will we have time to talk about the merger, but you will have the opportunity to meet Jonny Bealby, owner of Wild Frontiers, Andrea Ross, the head of the Wild Frontiers US Office, and April Cole, Head of Sales for the US Office, and learn about what they offer.

READ Nepal

If you’re looking for an incredible adventure for 2020, join me in Nepal this fall from Oct. 4-16 on a truly unique READ trip, the last group trip I will likely lead in the country. You will be part of a special READ Center dedication in the village of Takukot not far from the epicenter of the 2015 earthquake, meet some of Nepal’s “movers and shakers” and enjoy some of the spectacular and varied scenery for which this tiny country is so famous. This is an opportunity to see Nepal not as a tourist, but as a true traveler.

Odisha womanA host of colorful tribal markets, diverse crafts and textiles, a wide variation of tribal cultures and some of India’s most important temples – Odisha has it all. Although most trips do not get into the tribal heartland with its intriguing cultures and markets, this trip with me, Odisha: Tribal Hinterland to Cultural Heritage from Oct. 16-31, will take you off the beaten track to see Langia Saura, tattoo faced Kondh and other groups, as well as the famous Sun Temple of Konark and the cardinal point of Puri.

Then, if you are interested in wildlife and want to end the year on a fascinating note, head to Bhutan to meet with local wildlife experts, visit some of the different parks in the country, and end up in Royal Manas National Park, just recently open to tourists, where you can raft, hike or fish – catch and release of course!

Yes, get to know Wild Frontiers and do travel with me this year – I would love both.

Happy decade!!