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Does the peaceful culture and rich history of Bhutan entice you to consider touring Bhutan? A country where the sacred is a part of everyday existence, Bhutan has managed the transition to democracy in a remarkably peaceful manner. Here, flowers adorn the hillsides and the primary colors of Buddhism symbolize not just religious beliefs, but the respect the Bhutanese have for their beautiful land and quality of life.

Immerse yourself in this delightful environment with a choice of luxury Bhutan travel packages that allow you to experience different aspects of Bhutanese culture. Take a longer journey by touring Bhutan to experience the diversity of their culture, or attend local Bhutan festivals during your time in Bhutan. Learn about the Buddhist traditions in the country, or get a taste of Bhutan through food-focused Bhutan tours. If you’re feeling adventurous, choose a trekking trip to immerse yourself in the nature of this country.

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Country Highlights

  • Explore small villages overflowing with culture either touring by car or trekking on foot
  • Experience local festivals like Jambay Lhakang Drup in the fall, and Gomphu Kora in the spring
  • Meet and learn from Buddhist masters, explore monasteries and other holy places
  • Stay in small, glamorous hotels, simple local lodgings or even camp in tents

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During your time in the country, you will travel from alpine environments down to the jungle, ending in rarely visited Royal Manas National Park, where you can enjoy rafting, hiking and catch and release fishing. The journey ends back in Paro with the almost obligatory hike to Tiger’s Nest before your flight out of the country.… Read More

Get to know Bhutan and its people through a series of adventures and experiences in the country. Compete in an archery match with the locals or participate with a family in a Lu-Choe offering to the local gods on one of our Bhutan travel packages.… Read More

Experience Bhutan and its people on a short trip by meeting families, staying in small hotels, visiting schools, enjoying hot stone baths, and sampling regional foods. Travel routes in Bhutan may be somewhat limited, but what you do in the country is as broad as your imagination.… Read More

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The trek to Chomolhari is a sacred trek. In Bhutan, people look at the mountains as some sort of divine power. In Bhutanese, Chomolhari is pronounced Jumolhari and means the heavenly deity of animals. … Read More

A Bhutan adventure package tour for those who want to understand the diversity of the nation! Where most people go half way across the country only to Bumthang, you will travel from Paro in the west, all the way across the country to Samdrup Jongkar in the east. … Read More

This is a special tour for those who want to understand the diversity of Bhutan! Where most people go half way across the country only to Bumthang, you will travel from Paro in the west, all the way across the country to Mongar and Trashigang in the east. … Read More

Experience Bhutan and its people by meeting families, seeing a variety of festivals, staying in small hotels, rafting the rivers, enjoying traditions such as hot stone baths, and sampling regional foods.… Read More

The purpose of this trip is to evoke an understanding of Bhutan and perhaps a spiritual awakening through the study and use of colors within the context of cosmology, astrology and Buddhist teaching.… Read More

Explore the wonders of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan all in one amazing adventure. In Tibet, wander Lhasa and Everest Base Camp. Descending down to Nepal, explore the wonders of the Kathmandu Valley.… Read More

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Generally speaking, the best times for touring Bhutan is during the spring and fall. In spring, all of the rhododendrons and magnolias are out, and the hills are ablaze with color. In fall, after September, the monsoon rains have dissipated and the skies are generally clear and the views of the mountains are at their best. Another ideal time for touring Bhutan is in May and June, just before the rains start. Usually there are fewer tourists, life is slower and there are not so many people on the roads and restaurants are not serving ‘tourist buffets.’

Bhutanese food is very basic, so do not expect any gourmet dishes. Bhutanese eat very spicy food, but for foreigners, the spice is toned down and food tends to be bland. They have delicious red rice, and, particularly in springtime, and delicious mushroom dishes. When touring Bhutan, you can expect to eat plenty of vegetables, hot chilies, cheese or meat dumplings, maize, rice and wheat. The national dish is Ema Datse, chili and cheese!

When you are touring Bhutan, you’ll notice that temperatures vary according to how high you are. Late May, June, and early July, although possibly cloudy with occasional showers, will be very green. Late July, August, and September typically are referred to as monsoon season in Bhutan. During winter, in December and January it is cold and possibly snowy, making trekking and driving over mountain road passes more difficult. Temperatures usually vary between 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Electricity can be sporadic. You may be able to check your email and make international telephone calls from most towns while touring Bhutan. International calls may be made and received at most accommodations. Guides carry satellite phones on treks, where groups are away from regular means of communication for extended periods of time.

  • Bhutan has many popular festivals throughout the year
  • All tourists who plan on touring Bhutan need a visa to visit
  • Electricity access has grown in Bhutan, so finding access to Wi-Fi shouldn’t be a problem *rural villages and isolated areas may have limited access
  • The local language is Dzongkha, but most people in Bhutan speak English
  • Bhutan has a population of nearly 780,000 by the 2017 National Statistics Bureau
  • The capital of Bhutan is Thimphu


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