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A tropical archipelago made up of over 17,500 islands – of which 6,000 are inhabited – Indonesia is extremely diverse, both naturally and culturally. Predominantly Muslim, the country also has a strong Hindu and Buddhist heritage, vividly reflected in its culture, architecture and artistic traditions.

Imagine yourself in Ubud with its vital traditions, on the island of Bali, home to ancient Hindu temples and unique art forms such as gamelan, or in central Java, site of Indonesia’s former capital, Yogyakarta, and the great eighth-century Buddhist complex of Borobudur. Animated markets, sweeping vistas, delectable cuisine and endearing people all add to the mix.

Country Highlights

  • Explore Indonesia’s islands by boat and on foot
  • Visit small villages, meet healers, learn cooking and ikat
  • Watch the sunrise on Borobudur
  • Participate in a local purification ceremony

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