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A nation of tremendous potential, Laos is endowed with enormous ecological bounties, including some of Asia’s largest waterfalls and vast stands of primary forest covering about half the country. Culturally, the country is also rich and boasts a highly heterogeneous population. Whether visiting the mysterious Plain of Jars, enjoying vibrant textile traditions or meeting the people, Laos is truly one of Southeast Asia’s most spellbinding destinations.

Country Highlights

  • Travel and support local charities, such as Brother Mouse or the Gibbon Experience
  • Explore the Plain of Jars; marvel at the world’s widest falls
  • Give alms to monks and explore gold-trimmed temples
  • Work and learn from local weavers and artists

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This short journey into Laos begins with a boat ride up the Mekong to Luang Prabang. Here you can spend time in the ethnic villages around Luang Prabang, watch weavers and artists at work and learn from them.… Read More

A superb trip for families and individuals, this is a marvelous blend of the Vietnamese ocean world, the Laotian Mekong world, and the magnificence of the Cambodian Khmer civilization.… Read More

An adventure for those who want to walk to remote villages, kayak, explore mysterious caves and give back to the people.… Read More

This odyssey begins in the charming town of Luang Prabang and includes the capital city of Vientiane. But, there is another side of Laos, a world of the mysterious Plain of Jars, the Bolavan Plateau and the magical islands of the Mekong, such as Don Khong and Don Det.… Read More

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