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Myanmar is a magical country, the largest in Southeast Asia, where people kiss by sniffing, a week has two Wednesdays and the main unit of currency was determined by astrology. Within its borders are more than 135 different ethnic groups, a landscape that rises from white sand beaches to 19,295-foot Hkakabo Razi, fairy tale pagodas and skilled craftspeople, making Myanmar travel a cultural experience that can be customized to you.

Visit for as little as 8 days to tour Myanmar’s highlights, or stay a full 20 days for an expedition filled with hiking and meeting hill tribe villages that are not normally touched by tourists. However long you yearn to stay, Myanmar travel provides simplicity and numerous outlets for exploration.

A country caught in a time warp and isolated from the rest of the world for over 30 years, Myanmar travel is finally helping to modernize the country and new construction and tourist markets are popping up throughout the country.

Country Highlights

  • Experience a country recently opened after 30 years of isolation
  • Overnight with a hill tribe, hike to ethnic villages and shop colorful markets
  • Boat on remote rivers, relax on sandy beaches, explore jungles and mountains
  • Fly over the temples of Bagan on a dawn balloon ride

myths and mountains


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This trip covers some of the highlights of Myanmar, traveling from Yangon, at the mouth of the Irawaddy River, up to quaint Loikaw, on to the hill station of Kalaw and down to Inle Lake in Shan State, east to Pindaya; northeast to Mandalay and the ancient kingdom of Amarapura; and south to Bagan, city of 5000 pagodas before returning to Yangon.… Read More

Join Myths and Mountains for a one-of-a-kind trip exploring some of the cultural and geographical highlights of Myanmar.… Read More

Just recently the border crossing from Thailand to Myanmar at Mae Sot has opened for tourism, allowing travelers to begin their trip in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, visit the cities of Ayutthaya and Sukkothai and then travel north, crossing into Myanmar at Mae Sot.… Read More

Myanmar is still a mysterious country, with remote rivers, jungles and mountains that are almost untouched by travel and tourism.… Read More

The temples of Borobudur, Bagan and Angkor Wat are three of the great archeological World Heritage Sites of Asia.… Read More

Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia – twice as large as Vietnam and approximately the size of Great Britain and France combined.… Read More

Burma is a magical country where people kiss by sniffing, there are eight days in a week, and the major unit of currency has been determined by astrology! … Read More

Myanmar is a magical country where people kiss by sniffing, there are eight days in a week, and the major unit of currency has been determined by astrology!… Read More


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myths and mountains

Travel Info

Myanmar Travel Information
Food. Weather. Activities.

The best time to travel to Myanmar is from about mid-October through mid-March when it rains the least and isn’t too hot. The climate is dry during this time and all parts of the country are easily accessible. If you visit Myanmar between June and September, heavy rains may cause beaches and roads to close. Because of the huge range in elevation, there can be quite a variation in temperatures throughout the country, however, after March it generally begins to get quite hot.

While restaurants in Myanmar are catering to a rapidly growing tourist market, it is still easy to find local cuisine. Generally, the region’s food is spicy. Some commonly used ingredients include garlic, chilies, onions, ginger, rice, noodles, vegetable, and fish. Food is a huge part of the culture in Myanmar, so you’ll find it almost anywhere you go. You’ll see small food markets and street food stalls everywhere! One of the most famous and essential dishes in Burmese cuisine is called Mohinga— a rice noodle and fish soup. You’ll also find tea to be a big part of the Burmese culture. Tea is generally served with condensed milk and an assortment of cakes.

For travel to Myanmar, you will need to fill out a Myanmar visa application prior to arriving as it is not possible to get a visa upon arrival in Myanmar. The Tourist Visa that you will obtain prior to arriving is valid for 28 days within three months from the date of issue and is a single entry visa only. Generally speaking, you should spend a minimum of eight days in the country. That allows time to see Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle, without a huge rush. Download our travel guide for more details!

While Myanmar only began allowing Western travelers to breach its borders in recent years and still remains relatively isolated from the outside world, this spectacular country is just waiting to be discovered. Travelers are anxious to discover this mysterious land’s ancient temples, fascinating pagodas, and beautiful beaches. Join one of our Myanmar trips crafted by a Myths and Mountains expert to experience this majestic country, the largest in Southeast Asia.

Rivers form some of the best “roads” in Myanmar, and there are many cruise options to choose from.  You can travel the Irrawaddy on a variety of boats, such as the Pandas or the luxurious Sanctuary Ananda.  There are trips up the Salween or Chindwin and some new cruises down along the Mergui Peninsula, home to the sea gypsies.

  • The main religion in Myanmar is Buddhism
  • Burmese is the major language spoken in Myanmar
  • Myanmar has a population of around 55 million according to the 2017 census
  • Rivers form some of the best “roads” in Myanmar, and there are many cruise options
  • Most Myanmar festivals and parades occur during the busy season from October through March


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