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Famous for centuries for its wealth of spices, gems and hardwoods, Sri Lanka remains little known as a travel destination. Yet there’s much to be explored in this tropical island nation. Sri Lanka’s borders encompass an exciting mix of religions, cultures and customs, as well as outstanding archaeological sites, lush tea plantations and spice gardens, a gorgeous coastline and an extraordinary diversity of birds and other wildlife. Ancient cities, temples and fortresses provide fascinating glimpses of the island’s long heritage; the country’s national parks shelter elephants, deer, leopards and more; and its coastal waters are havens for surfers and whale watchers. The crossing of religions and cultures has led to a rich and full history in Sri Lanka, making it a fascinating country to visit for travelers interested in political history and the country’s political evolution.

The treasures to find while traveling Sri Lanka are numerous and varied enough to meet all adventure requests. Sri Lanka’s geography is close enough to Southern India to have the opportunity to compare and contrast your Sri Lanka travel with your India travel as you learn more about each individual culture. This can give you an even greater image of the history and differences from Western cultures.

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Country Highlights

  • Explore National Parks and stunning ocean beaches from north to south
  • Tour alongside Sri Lankan artists, botanists, writers and historians
  • Sip some of the world’s finest tea, go whale watching or learn cooking
  • Compare and contrast Sri Lanka and South Indian culture and religions

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