I want to thank Myths and Mountains for a vacation that was simply the best trip that I’ve ever been on. Cuong is the best guide I’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling with. His life story is amazing and his willingness to share it with us was an honor. I now have a perspective on Vietnamese history that is unique and rich with first hand details. All the extra things that he did with us were all amazing from doing some charity work with the poorest of the Vietnamese minority classes. With just a few phone calls, he set up an afternoon and evening at a village of the Bana people with traditional clothing, music and dancing that we were able to participate in. As wonderful as all the things we were able to do off the motorcycles were, it was the riding that was just the best part of the trip. It is such an engaging way to see a country. You are so focused on where you are physically. From the scenery of the mountains, valleys, or urban areas…. You are also intently watching the road conditions and all the other bikes, cars, trucks, buses and people that you are sharing the space with. To be so aware of everything around you is just a fantastic way to travel.

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