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China Tour, Silk Road

Silk Road Adventure in China

Imagine departing Xian in a camel caravan laden with silk, spices, incense and gems for the far-away Mediterranean. Your path will not take you all the way to Italy, but only to the border with the “Stans”. You can see the famous terracotta soldiers of Xian, drive across the menacing Taklimakan Desert, explore the oasis towns of Turfan, Kuqa, and Khotan, spend a day with the nomads near the Heavenly Lake, shop the Sunday Market in Yutien and mingle with the people of Xinjiang – Uighurs, Kazaks, Tajiks and others.

Note: For those who would like to arrive early, Myths and Mountains would be happy to arrange a pre-trip extension in Beijing.

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Trip Overview
Experience & Explore

Day 1

Arrive in Beijing

Day 2

Fly to Xian; Visit the Terracotta Soldier and Horse Museum; Explore the Muslim Quarter

Day 3

Tour Xian including Little Goose Pagoda, Big White Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi Museum

Day 4

Fly to Dunhuang; Drive out to Crescent Lake and the Gobi Desert

Day 5

Visit the Dunhuang Grotto Art and Mogao Grottos; Board an overnight sleeper train to Turpan

Day 6

Explore the ruins of Gaochang, Huoyan Shan and Bazelik Thousand Buddha Caves

Day 7

Wander the market, visit the Emin Minaret, the Jiaohe Ruins and a few grape farms

Day 8

Head west to Urumqi and visit the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum; Fly to Hotan

Day 9

Hike in the desert out to the Rawak Pagoda or explore the town

Day 10

Head to Mingfeng; Stop in Yu Tien for the market and visit the mosque

Day 11

Drive to Kuqa

Day 12

Explore Kizil Caves and the Kezikalahan War Signaling Station

Day 13

Explore Kuqa

Day 14

Fly back to Urumqi and drive out to Heavenly Lake

Day 15

Morning at leisure and then drive back to Urumqi

Day 16

Fly to Beijing

Day 17

Transfer to the airport for your fight home


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