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Creating Journeys
of a Lifetime

Creating Journeys
of a Lifetime

Creating Journeys
of a Lifetime

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Planning Your Adventure: Custom Asia Tours

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Myths and Mountains is for you, the curious adventure traveler searching for unusual, exotic, hand-crafted custom Asia tours and holiday destinations.

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Trip Concepts & Custom Asia Tours

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Discover the diverse ethnic groups of Southeast Asia’s hill tribe peoples, learn to cook local delicacies in Bali, visit with traditional puppet masters in Vietnam, explore the remote province of Guizhou amid a kaleidoscope of colorful villages, learn traditional Lao crafts from local artisans, or meet with Bhutanese religious masters.

arts and culture

Religion & Pilgrimage sites

Trek to remote Himalayan monasteries and experience traditional celebrations at a local Buddhist festival, witness millions of Indian pilgrims submerging themselves in the holy Ganges, explore Cambodia’s magnificent ancient Khmer temples, or wake up early and watch Buddha get a bath at the Maha Muni Pagoda in Myanmar.

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Environment & Natural history

Marvel at the elegance of Nuptse, Lhotse and other sky-touching mountains in Nepal, explore the caves and lagoons of Halong Bay, gasp at the riot of color when the rhododendrons bloom in Bhutan, search for freshwater dolphins in the Irawaddy River, discover the stunning national parks of Thailand, or take a boat on the magnificent Tonle Sap to visit the estuary and wildlife preserve.

traditional medicine

Natural Healing & Traditional Medicine

Visit a shaman festival on the Tibetan plateau, talk with an Ayurvedic doctor in Sri Lanka, or spend time in remote villages in Northeast India with the Meitei, Nagas, Khasi and other tribal cultures.

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Adventure Destinations

Destination: Asia

Destination: Southeast Asia

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Custom Travel Packages
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We know that when it comes to your custom travel dreams, one size does not fit all. Since 1988, Myths and Mountains has pioneered hand-crafted, individualized adventure  and custom Asia tours just for you, the discerning, educated traveler. Moreover, travel philanthropy, giving back to those with whom we work, is our hallmark.

With our experienced destination specialists building your custom travel tour package, the adventure of a lifetime is within reach. The families, friends and groups we serve yearn to understand the locals, visit the must-see places and often give something back. With Myths and Mountains’ personal itineraries, you are one step closer to tasting, seeing and exploring the beauty that is found both on and off the beaten path.

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